George and the Dinosaur


George and the Dinosaur written by Felix Hayes and illustrated by Sue Heap (2015)

George loves to dig. He finds exciting things… until he washes them up and finds out what they are really quite boring. Then one day George digs up a dinosaur egg. He leaves it in the basement under the stairs and watches it every day. Finally the dinosaur hatches and it’s very hungry. It eats everything in George’s fridge, then everything in the house. Pretty soon it eats everything in the neighborhood. And when there’s nothing left to eat but George, the dinosaur eats him! Thank goodness, the dinosaur had to burp at just that moment and everything he ate comes back up. George forgives his dinosaur for eating him and puts him to work digging.


Digging… one of the greatest childhood pastimes. Of course, you can just go outside and dig in the yard or an empty field. But it’s so much more fun to dig where you know you’ll find something fun.

Try one of these awesome dinosaur digging activities.

The first one is a Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaur activity you can purchase through Amazon.lets-lasso-the-moon_0460

But it looks easy enough to make up your own with plastic dinosaurs a little plaster of paris.


Make your own dinosaur eggs with this simple recipe.

2 Cups of Flour
1 Cup of Salt
1 Cup of Ground Coffee
1 Cup of Water 

Mix together all the ingredients. Form egg shapes around plastic dinosaurs. Let air dry for 2-3 days or bake in 200* oven for 4 hours.






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