Ginny Louise and the School Showdown


Ginny Louise and the School Showdown written by Tammi Sauer and Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger (2015)

Ginny Louise was new to Truman Elementary School. She didn’t know the bad reputation of the three worse troublemakers in the building. And since Ginny Louise only heard what she wanted to hear, she was able to turn those troublemaker’s threats into great ideas. Pretty soon her sweetness won them over and changed the atmosphere of the whole classroom into something positive.


Dealing with bullies isn’t usually as easy as hearing what you want to hear. But sometimes this works for the little spats kids get into.

You might want to try this technique out on your own little bandit. It could turn a potentially hazardous situation into a pile of giggles. Imagine changing “I don’t want to go to bed.” into “I don’t want to scratch my head.” Maybe “He’s a big stinky face.” can become “Let’s have a pinky race!”

Have some fun highlighting your child’s ‘naughtiness’. Make your own wanted posters with a paper sack and black markers.

Wanted: Cookie Thief Wanted: Leggo Horder Wanted: Messy Face

Make up your own bad guys.


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