Gwendolyn Grace


Gwendolyn Grace written and illustrated by Katherine Hannigan (2015)

Gwendolyn Grace’s mother asks her to stop making so much noise while the baby is sleeping. Gwendolyn Grace isn’t sure just what that means. Does it mean no jumping on the beds? Yes. Does it mean no making music in the kitchen? Yes. Does it mean no sledding down the stairs? Yes. But it also means that when the baby wakes up they can all play together. So, when the baby wakes up Mama, Baby, and Gwendolyn Grace have a parade complete with noise makers.


Sometimes it’s hard to be quiet, especially when you just want to have fun. But everyone learns when it’s okay to play loud and when you must play quietly.

Practice loud and quiet activities at home. Shout and Whisper. Bang and Tap. Stomp and Tip Toe. It can be fun to find the quiet way to do things too.

Kermit teaches Elmo the difference between loud and quiet in this Sesame Street video.

Make a set of matching sound jars. They don’t have to be Gwendolyn Green, but isn’t it fun when it are? 7970cc4f88c505ace48938df4bb26500

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