The Good Little Book


The Good Little Book written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Marion Arbona (2015)

A naughty boy who is sent into a boring room to think things over, discovers a good little book. He read it over and over throughout the winter and most of the spring. And then he lost it. He worried about it and put LOST posters all over the city. He searched in all the places that a book might go. He looked for it all summer. And then in the fall, he noticed a girl walking down the street holding the good little book. He thought about calling out to her, but decided to let her go. The stories inside the good little book stayed with the boy forever, and now it was moving on to the next reader. All was just as it should be.


This is an interesting story about a book, but if you read it carefully it’s more about the boy and how he changed over the course of the story about the book. Ask your child how he/she has changed over the lifetime of their favorite teddy bear or blanket. Talk about how even though the teddy bear or blanket has been with them since they were young, it is not the object which has changed over the years, but them.

Just for fun, show kids how plants grow. dc87813f659fbf01641428285525739e 4c1bd975540874d121fd0eb12d533e53 9624d59e33a72ab54ce13ff23376d8d3 d47ff03f9d72f49dca1fdefeef708dbc 4b311d903bf841b40ccf4fa918f12f1d

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