How the Sun Got to Coco’s House


How the Sun Got to Coco’s House written and illustrated by Bob Graham (2015)

The sun’s trip to Coco’s house is recorded through words and pictures starting at the top of a very tall mountain and ending as it plays all day in Coco’s yard. Spectacular pictures show the sun peeking over a snowy hill and glinting briefly in the eye of a whale on its course to Coco’s house. It meets many friends along the way. It shines on Jung Su’s footsteps, and hits the wing of Lovejoy’s airplane. It wakes fox, bears, and snow cats. It guides Kosha’s father’s cart on the way to the market and meets the rain in the desert. It watches Alika break the ice with her toe and lights up the east side of the city. It turns off the streetlights and bursts through Coco’s window. And because it had a little time on its hands, it spends the whole day with Coco and her friends!


This gorgeous picture book is not to be read quickly! Take your time and savor each passing scene as the sun travels from east to west across the globe until it comes to rest in Coco’s neighborhood.

Does the sun make the same journey to your neighborhood? It sure does! Show your children the many places the sun shines before it gets to you.

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