How to Catch Santa


How to Catch Santa written by Jean Reagan and illustrated by Lee Wildish (2015)

This book includes step-by-step instructions for catching Santa. Read it carefully and make use of the best advice. The most important things to remember are what you’re going to do with Santa once you catch him and tips on how to lure him into your traps gently. Any of these ideas should work if you’re very careful in the execution of them. Have fun… and remember, even if you don’t catch him this year there’s always another chance next year!


How many of us have tried to catch Santa on Christmas Eve? It’s an idea as old as time. Maybe your own little kiddos will have a few new ideas of their own. I especially liked the idea to leave a plate of cookies at the top of the stairs under some bells so that he’ll make a racket and wake you up when he goes for the cookies!

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest to help you catch, or at least have evidence of Santa.

 Christmas Cookies and Treats DSC_0727 copy-cs3-blog

Magical Reindeer Food 637107ecaca1ae8a81567fb2d89e1873

Stay Awake… If you Can!821d23702a3e242b56402f2c8070b880

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