Hungry Roscoe


Hungry Roscoe written and illustrated by David J. Plant (2015)

Roscoe is a hungry raccoon who is tired of eating junk food out of garbage cans. His best friend suggests he goes to the zoo where the animals are fed fresh food every day. The only problem is that the zookeeper will not allow Roscoe to stay. So he has to devise some very unique disguises to sneak into the zoo. Nothing works, but then the monkeys trick Roscoe into stealing the zookeeper’s keys for them in exchange for their bucket of fresh food. Roscoe does and enjoys all the food in the monkeys’ cage. But the monkeys have used the keys to let all the animals out of their cages. Now the zookeeper is so busy catching the animals and returning them to their cages that he doesn’t have time to see what Roscoe is up to. At the end of the day, the zookeeper is exhausted and Roscoe is full. So Roscoe gives him a banana in hopes that the zookeeper will let him in the next day.



Roscoe is crafty and deliberate. His desire for fresh food can’t be denied and his attempts at sneaking past the zookeeper are funny and imaginative. Your little ones will love seeing how Roscoe turns a few bits of discarded items into a cool costume. What other ideas could your kiddos come up with to help Roscoe gain entry into the zoo?


Have some fun face-painting or making face-masks. Turn your readers into raccoons and see how quickly they eat up all the fresh fruits and veggies in your house!e52e6828d48f1095901ae950a3f42d07 12db50ebb181f79065340d78a6756e93

Serve up your fresh snacks ala Roscoe!

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