The House That’s Your Home


The House That’s Your Home written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jane Dyer (2015)

Lyrical images of things that make up your home, things like your teddy, your swing, and your grandparents. The things that belong to you are unique. These are the things that make a house your home.


What makes your house a home? Name some of the personal things that make your house a home. Kids love to personalize things with their own names, handprints, and footprints. Have fun with this!

Make a personalized stepping stone for your garden.



So many ways to decorate a wall with your child’s name or initials. 8d5dc30dbf304247cd69da2feea637da 15a3cf925f776fb70be8ed8f92d5ff30 fc63213f3ecbd9e468fc6b7443483c07 3f6198843f8f4292686d8c31d03e95de

And don’t forget to create an art gallery. IMG_8031

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