I Don’t Like Koala


I Don’t Like Koala written by Sean Ferrell and illustrated by Charles Santoso (2015)

Adam does not like his stuffed koala. The toy has terrible eyes that follow him everywhere and does everything he does. He tries to tell his parents that he doesn’t like the koala. He even tries to get rid of his koala, but somehow it always ends up back in his room. But when Adam is afraid of an even more terrible thing, it’s Koala that he holds close and whispers to.



Similar in topic to Farewell Floppy where a little boy thinks he has outgrown his pet rabbit and takes him into the forest to leave him, realizing later that he misses him and goes back to find him.

Perfect for the little ones who just can’t seem to get rid of childhood toys.


Of course there are lots of easy to make koala crafts online, but I especially liked this one because it uses black and white newspaper text for the head and body and felt pieces for the arms, legs, ears, and nose. A couple of goggly eyes and it’s finished. I have a feeling the eyes on this koala would look like they’re following you around everywhere you go too! 6a77e7b84885533ecefe0337e491f99eCute koala cheese sandwich made with white cheese, cucumber ears and a raisin eyes and an olive nose. You could trim the edges if you really want a rounder face. ab5912d4fbe85146088fba36db5312e6


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