I Feel Sick!


I Feel Sick! written and illustrated by Tony Ross (2015)

Oh, no! Every time there’s a job to do, Little Princess feels sick. And she feels even worse when it’s time to go to school. The doctor recommended more vegetables, but Little Princess was too sick to eat. But then something amazing happened. Little Princess got an invitation to Molly’s birthday party. All of the sudden she felt wonderful. She went to the party and had a marvelous time. Sadly, after all that fun Little Princess really did feel sick.


Does this sound familiar? Mysterious illness seem to strike at the most inopportune times. Well, there’s always the old ‘you’re too sick to go out’ response. But maybe, teaching children to be responsible from an early age is a better approach. Even the youngest little ones can help pick up after themselves and have daily chores around the house.

 Here’s a good article on How To Teach Kids Responsibility.ba1a91f3d331941aaa5020a782098062

And here are a few handy guides to help you get started.




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