I Thought This Was A Bear Book


I Thought This Was a Bear Book written by Tara Lazar and illustrated by Benji Davises (2015)

Kids will love being part of this crazy mixed-up story! First an alien accidentally falls into the Three Bears’ story when the bookshelf is knocked over. Papa Bear does his best to get the alien back to his own book, but ultimately it’s Baby Bear who has the best idea. Lucky for them, that pesky Goldilocks is sent into outer space too. Unfortunately, the characters from the nursery rhymes are jolted into their world now. Oh well, an adventure for another time!


Your kiddos are going to love the alien, Prince Zilch from the planet Zero. Everything he says begins with the letter Z! Zes! Zive it a Zry! Zit’s Zun!

Make up your own alien. How will he speak? What does he want?

This is Jason’s alien. Only Jason knows what he eats, where he sleeps, how he speaks.1fb6baf8e54f61cd20c620334e2397f2

Find out how to make one with your own name. 

Speaking of visiting other worlds, maybe your alien could visit your favorite book. Tell us about your adventure there!3b4588d2a7f71020bd1d23f819d0bb16

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