I Will Chomp You!


I Will Chomp You! written by Jory John and illustrated by Bob Shea (2015)

A new metafiction for your interactive pleasure! The monster threatens the reader not to turn the pages (ala There’s a Monster at the End of this Book) or he will chomp them. But as it turns out, he’s just too old and slow to catch the reader so he has to resort to pleading, which of course doesn’t work any better than threatening. Finally, he tries honesty (he’s saving all the cakes at the end of the book for himself) but he’s willing to try negotiating and bribery. He will share half the cakes with the reader if the reader agrees not to start over again. As you can guess, the reader will undoubtedly start all over again anyway! Nope; threats, pleads, negotiation, and bribery don’t work with your average two year old either. Good try though!


Have fun reading and rereading this one with your preschoolers. The bigger your voice the more terrible  you can make this old, slow, not-so-menacing monster sound. But in the end, it’s all in fun and your little ones will collapse in laughter if you actually chase them around the house stomping, and chomping, and threatening them to take a bath, eat their vegetables, or go to bed.

I found this picture of fabulous monster letters on Pinterest, but the link to the creator (Jared Andrew Schorr) is no longer working. I bet you could come up with your own monster letters though, just be creative with your eyeballs, teeth, and hairy arms! 5574426023_e54cd00086_b

And who wouldn’t love a monster treat to CHOMP!e94af497600e3dfebd5defed07220fcb

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