Interstellar Cinderella


Interstellar Cinderella written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Meg Hunt (2015)

This new twist on an old tale has Cinderella living on a planetoid and fixing rocket ships. When everyone is invited to the Prince’s Space Parade, her step-mother and two stepsisters take off with her toolkit and leaving her with a broken down spaceship. Naturally, her fairy godrobot comes to the rescue with brand new tools and a beautiful space suit. Cinderella quickly repairs her spaceship and takes off for the Royal Space Parade. When the prince passes by, Cinderella notices that his ship is smoking. She takes her socket wrench and fixes it for him. He invites her to the gravity-free ball. But she leaves him just before the stroke of midnight. The Prince takes her socket wrench, tracks her down, and asks her to marry him. After some consideration, Cinderella decides she is too young for marriage, but agrees to become his mechanic. And all her dreams came true!


Fractured fairy tales are fun for young and old. This version of the classic Cinderella story is modern in the setting and in the fact that she really isn’t interested in marrying the young prince, but would rather work in a field that interests her.

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