InvisiBill written by Maureen Fergus and illustrated by Dusan Petricic (2015)

Bill is the middle child of a very busy and important family. They are so busy and important that no one notices Bill, until one day when Bill turns invisible. Bill’s mother takes him to see the doctor who recommends that she color him with magic markers. But Bill’s mother is too busy to color all of Bill so she only colors his head orange and his hair green. Now Bill looks like a floating pumpkin head and everyone at school laughs at him. So Bill decides to take matters into his own hands. He scrubs the marker off his head and hair and writes a good-bye note to his family. When they finally realize that Bill is missing, his family begins to cry and blame themselves. This leads to Bill crying too. Then a wonderful thing happens, Bill becomes visible again. His family is so happy to have him back that they put away all their distractions and start paying attention to Bill again.



Everyone feels invisible now and then. Share this story and talk about feelings. It’s also a great reminder for the adults and older kids in the family to see how being consumed by technology distracts from personal relationships.

Then have some fun with Invisible Ink and Paint!



Easy directions for making Invisible Ink.


Make a picture with Invisible Paint.

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