It’s a Seashell Day


It’s a Seashell Day written by Dianne Ochiltree and illustrated by Elliot Kreloff (2015)

A boy and his mother spend the day collecting seashells. He counts them as he goes, collecting ten unique shells and lots of little ones. He fills is bucket and brings them home. Then he makes a display of the shells he has found. There are non-fiction facts about seashells at the end of the book.


Do you have a seashell collection you can share with your little ones? Even if you don’t have shells at home, or you’re not near the sea, today can still be a seashell day. Explore seashells online or in the many seashell picture books available at your library.  You can even purchase shells online for your observation table.

Look at some of the fun things you can do with shells.


Paint shell to make new creatures.
9a3d70dc677e5a98b9ff6c03d295e112 tropical-seashell-fish-1 20-Shell-Crafts

And if you don’t have real shells, you can always make some with paper plates, coffee filters, or construction paper. abf156d6ea6aad64686a169d44c2a298

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