It’s Raining Bats and Frogs


It’s Raining Bats and Frogs written by Rebecca Colby and illustrated by Steven Henry (2015)

Delia tries to make the Witches Parade better by changing the rain to cats and dogs, then hats and clogs, even bats and frogs. But none of these changes is very good. Eventually, she goes back to the boring raindrops. And not only are all the witches happier with the rain, so are the floats which actually float, and the marching band which learns synchronized swimming! As a matter of fact the whole parade turned out to be the best one yet… until the year it snowed!


The text in this story goes beyond the traditional “It’s raining, it’s pouring” chant. Witches, goblins, and little creatures of all kinds will delight in Delia’s magic spells. They may even want to make a few of their own!

I love these glitter magic wand sticks, just like Delia’s but fancier! 4faaf000963f8aea540ef95012ea8fba

And once you make a magic wand, you can change words with the magic e. 429d1b5e6eb8a0ab141867025d64d211

And for a little magical treat, make a Witch’s Hat with a chocolate stripped cookie turned upside down and a chocolate kiss attached with a dab of frosting. a0d2cbdac9d8623fbf5a55f6df43a897

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