Izzy and Oscar


Izzy & Oscar written by Allison Estes & Dan Stark and illustrated by Tracy Dockray (2015)

Izzy is a pirate captain without a mascot. Every member of her crew has a pet except Izzy. Then one day Izzy and her friends find a baby octopus washed up on the beach. Izzy takes him home and names him Oscar. She feeds him, takes him for walks, and teaches him tricks. Oscar grows bigger and bigger. And Izzy’s mom says Oscar has to go home. But on the way to the beach, Izzy and Oscar hear cries of help coming from the swimming pool. Izzy falls in and Oscar rescues both Izzy and her friend Flynn. Now Oscar is a hero and he has a permanent job as a lifeguard at the community pool.


Who would have thought that an octopus would make a good pet? Well, Izzy did. And now her mother agrees.

Find out more about real octopuses in the facts at the end of this book.

Practicing the letter O? Glue O shaped cereal to the eight legs of an octopus.8cc07c1ec844b5adf54b6f21892a7bd8

And don’t forget the hat and eyepatch for your pirate captain. 5bc3ae44330a47b059e163f11e8a9682.jpg

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