Job Wanted


Job Wanted written by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by Chris Sheban (2015)

An old hungry dog came to a farmer looking for a job. The farmer didn’t want a dog. A dog cannot earn his keep like a chicken, a horse, or a cow. But the dog convinces the farmer to let him try each of the other jobs for a day. On the first day, the dog herds all the cows into the milking barn so by the time the farmer got there in the morning his milking time was cut in half, but he still wasn’t a cow. The next day he herded the cows and then went on to the horse stall where he bribed the horse into the field with a fresh carrot from the garden. But he still wasn’t a horse. The third day, he herded the cows, gave the horse it’s carrot, and cleaned up the hen house. But before the farmer could get there to collect the eggs a sly fox showed up. The dog barked and barked and scared the fox away. The farmer came and saw what had happened. By then he had already milked the cows and worked the field and now he was ready to collect the eggs. The farmer bent down, and told the dog he had a job for him on the farm. It just so happened this farm needed a really good dog!


Is your little one looking for just the right job? Help them find something that’s perfect for little hands and big hearts. Maybe folding the dishtowels, pairing the socks, taking the dishes to the sink, dusting the furniture… A job well done makes one feel important and part of the family!

Don’t forget to feed the dog!


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