Just Itzy


Just Itzy written by Lana Krumwiede and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli (2015)

Itzy the spider was starting spindergarten and wanted to prove how grown up he was. No more Itzy Bitsy for him, from now on it was just Itzy. But even his mother and big brother Gutzy had trouble thinking about him as a full grown spider. His first assignment was to make a web and catch a fly. His first attempt to catch a fly frightened a girl right off her muffet. His second attempt was foiled by an old lady who swallowed the fly. And his third attempt was washed down the water spout. But Itzy refused to give up and when the sun dried up the water spout Itzy climbed back up and rescued his big brother who was afraid of heights. Itzy proved to everyone that he was not one bit bitsy anymore.


Have some fun spinning your own spider web over a handprint spider.


Create a water spout picture.DSCN0215

Count how many flies Itzy caught in his web.

photo 5-158

This would be fun to do in the bathtub too!


Enjoy a cool spider ice cube in your drink.


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