Knit Together


Knit Together written and illustrated by Angela Dominguez (2015)

What’s better, knitting or drawing? This little girl thinks her mother’s knitting is better than her own drawing because you can wear it. But when she tries to learn how to knit, she learns it’s not as easy as it looks. Then mom has an idea. They go to the beach for inspiration and when they get home the girl draws picture of a sailboat. Then mom uses that picture to knit them a blanket they can cuddle under on the beach. That’s called collaboration!


Learning something new, isn’t always easy, and doing things together is a lot more fun. Maybe there’s something you and your kiddos can do together using yarn.


Simple weaving or Popcicle Stick bookworms, no directions needed.

The next two are a little more difficult, but lots of fun for older kids.

4a33b1692c3bff8aea1a4e312a815189Yarn Wrapped Butterflies


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