Kyle Goes Alone


Kyle Goes Alone written by Jan Thornhill and illustrated by Ashley Barron (2015)

Kyle is a sloth who has to go… His mother encourages him to travel down the tree they live in all by himself. Kyle doesn’t want to go alone, but he really has to go… So he starts moving slowly down the tree. Along the way he calls back for reassurance and finds that he is not really alone, there are a lot of other rainforest animals camouflaged nearby who are also cheering him on. Kyle finally reaches the base of the tree and holds on tightly while he goes… When he’s finished his mother calls down to him again and asks if she can come and carry him back to the top because she misses holding him like she did when he was a baby sloth. Kyle knows that he is old enough and big enough to go alone, but he’s happy to have his mother carry him to the top of the canopy.


Sloths live in the canopy of the rainforests of Central and South America. They move slowly and eat slowly, and they only need ‘to go’ about once a week. They also need to hold onto their tree for support when they reach the ground. So they don’t travel to the ground often.

Corrugated board makes great tree trunks for your rainforest art.


Trace shoe for an easy sloth pattern.5595db5e28c2e34a3393c151c268089e

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