Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Brendan Kearney (2015)

When Miss Brie announces that there is only one drop of syrup left, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast race through the fridge to be the first one there to sop it up. They go through hilarious lengths (all rhyming, mind you) to beat each other to the syrup bottle. They stumble, fall, float, ski, and even dive through the produce only to find that the awful Baron von Waffle has beat them to it. He slips away with an evil laugh while Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast trudge back home to share a pat of butter.


How can you not love this story! The clever use of food and rhyme is complimented by the  artistic drawings which seem to combine realistic attributes with human characteristics.  In reading the author/illustrator bios I laughed again at the admonition to stop reading the bio and go back to read the book again… yes, I think I will, and you should too!

Then if you’re anything like me at all, you’ll want to check out the characters in your fridge. I’m sure they’re up to something while I’m working away at my computer. Best to put them to good use…

Eggs, Milk, Butter… meet my griddle! I’m going to have to find this one… 718551ee8fad8965962cf505d8660f91

Let’s try little French Toast Hearts. Yummy!6042b499331b4ea37ede517ea9dfce35

And the awful Baron von Waffle doesn’t look so evil now does he? Heheheehe!737040deba2198d7c6c83879e1ae770d


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