Little Bird, Be Quiet!


Little Bird, Be Quiet! written by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Sabina Gibson (2015)

Little Bird loves to talk. He talks non-stop, telling stories, jokes, and asking questions. But no one has time to listen. They all tell him to be quiet. So Little Bird flies into the woods alone. He stops to rest by a pond and sees another little bird in the reflections of the water. Little Bird talks and talks and talks. The little bird in the water just listens and smiles. Finally, Little Bird’s family and friends begin to miss him and his stories, and jokes, and questions. They go searching for him. When the finally find him and ask him to come home, Little Bird just says ‘Yes’.


Do you know a little one who has lots and lots of stories, jokes, and questions for you? This might just be the book for them, and you! Talk about when it’s okay to talk and when it’s best to be quiet. Maybe you could agree on a secret signal that means, “I want to hear what you have to say, but this isn’t the best time.”

Who could be a ‘Good Listener’ for times when you just can’t hear your little one’s stories? Maybe a favorite stuffed animal or like Little Bird found… his own reflection.

How about an alternative to talking? Try a quiet activity instead.


Make a Felt Book.

fe4e03d3861721963cb0387fc3c5d60dKeep a batch of Jello Playdough on hand for a little quiet play time.


Invest in an inexpensive set of Foam Blocks instead of wooden blocks. 


Or cut up some colorful sponges for tower building.

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