Little Bird Takes a Bath


Little Bird Takes a Bath written and illustrated by Marisabina Russo (2015)

Little Bird does not like rain at all. But he does like taking a bath. So the day after a rainy night, Little Bird goes out in search of the perfect rain puddle to bathe in. He finds one which is almost perfect, but the bouncing of a ball, the flopping of sandals, and the bounding of a dog, make this puddle less than perfect. Little Bird flits away home when on his way, he notices a beautiful fountain perfect for bathing! Little Bird takes a bath and hurries home to his nest. He sings a good-night song to the moon and dreams about tomorrow.


Singing, playing, bathing, and sleeping. Your little readers will love Little Bird’s adventure!  And I’m sure they’ll love some fun crafts before their day is done.

How cute are these? And they look fairly easy to make.



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