Little Bird’s Bad Word


Little Bird’s Bad Word written and illustrated by Jacob Grant (2015)

Little Bird learns a new word while flying home with Papa. Papa is holding dinner in his mouth; but when the wiggly worm escapes  Papa says a bad word. Little Bird goes around using the new word much to the chagrin of all his friends. Pretty soon, he learns that no one wants to play with him anymore. Papa talks to Little Bird’s friends and explains that he doesn’t realize that the new word is hurtful. Papa says he’s sorry for the hurt feelings. Now, Little Bird knows another new word… sorry.


What little one hasn’t heard an inappropriate word or two? It’s the reaction that they get when they try the word for themselves that makes the biggest difference in whether or not they will repeat the word.

Papa doesn’t take the blame for Little Bird’s word, but he does teach him an even better new word.

Children learn and mimic everything we say and do. Be sure that what we say and do is worth learning!

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