Little Red Gliding Hood


Little Red Gliding Hood written by Tara Lazar and illustrated by Troy Cummings (2015)

Little Red was a superb ice skater. Her only problem was that her skates were old and worn. Luckily for her, there was an ice skating competition soon with a first prize of brand new golden skates. Unfortunately, it was a pairs competition and Little Red didn’t have a partner. The dish skated with the spoon, Hansel spun Gretel, and the Gingerbread Boy was too fast to catch. Everyone seemed to have a partner except Little Red, and… the Big Bad Wolf. Well, as you can guess, Little Red and the Wolf paired up together and won the competition with perfect tens!


‘Slippery-slush!’ Little Red’s skating story is sure to please fairy tale lovers. Classic fairy tale characters are represented in the story. Half of the fun is finding the other characters in the illustrations. The other half, is listening to the lyrical language… ‘swizzle and twizzle‘ you’ll love reading it aloud!

Look at how much fun this group is having skating with paper plates in music class!2013-01-10 08.33.49

Add a bent paper clip to a paper doll (or any small item) and have them skate in a metal (Altoids) box with a magnet underneath. e2a8ba8153c18d92caf6fbf0128b2a3f

Freeze Leggo people or other small toys into ice cubes and have them skate on a cookie sheet. b76a4afa06d545325de5a71206d63027

Another idea is just to freeze ice on the cookie sheet and play-skate toys on the ice. 601bdb362f429d2fbf4ffe09a0c3904c

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