Little Red Henry


Little Red Henry written by Linda Urban and illustrated by Madeline Valentine (2015)

Henry was the redheaded baby of the family. And the family loved him so much that he never had to do a thing for himself. As a matter of fact they treated him like a baby, and Henry was sick of it! One day he insisted on doing everything for himself. His family was bewildered. What would they do now that they didn’t have to do everything for Henry. That night they tried new things… they danced and painted and wallpapered while Henry got himself ready for bed all by himself. But just before he went to sleep, Henry felt a little twang of loneliness. He called out to be tucked into bed and everyone came running to snuggle and cuddle and sing Henry to sleep.



Perfect story for the toddlers and preschoolers who teeter between independence and pampering. It’s time to test the waters, make some decisions for themselves and learn skills to become more independent.

Maria Montessori is famous for saying, “Help me to do it alone.” In that spirit, here are some valuable lessons for your preschoolers.


Elmo and friends can help preschoolers brush their teeth.

Simple instructions to putting on a coat.


Learn how to tie shoelaces.4366510ce93f0163a02e22136e7848eb

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