Little Red’s Riding ‘Hood


Little Red’s Riding ‘Hood written by Peter Stein and illustrated by Chris Gall (2015)

Little Red Scooter is off to Granny Putt-Putt’s garage to bring her a basket full of goodies sure to cheer her up. Along the way, Little Red runs into Tank, the biggest meanest vehicle on Too Tall Hill. Tank seemed so nice. He noticed that the oil in Little Red’s basket was too thin and the plugs won’t spark. So he sent Little Red to the auto shop for new supplies. Meanwhile, Tank hurried to Granny’s garage and swallowed her whole. He disguised himself in Granny’s car cover and wait for Little Red to arrive. As soon as he got to Granny’s, Little Red felt like something was out of alignment. He noticed the oversized wheels, the bright headlights, and the huge grille. Tank jumped out of bed and chased Little Red all through the woods. But Little Red knew the way to his neighborhood and took a sharp right turn. Tank barreled over the guardrail and crash landed onto Jumbo Jim’s Junkyard, popping Granny right out from under his hood. Tank was totaled and Little Red was Granny’s hero!


Fans of cars, trucks, and scooters will rev up over this fractured fairy tale!

Can you imagine the fun they’re going to have recreating the scenes from this story with their own vehicles?

Even though the Monster Tank was the ‘bad guy’ in this scenario, I’ll bet a lot of kiddos would love to have a Monster Truck Celebration. Look at these cool ideas for Monster Truck parties…

Food and Drinks: Nuts and Bolts, Mud Shots, Dip Sticks, Traffic Lights, Spare Tires, Gas, and Oil.

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Games: Monster Truck Racing, Monster Truck Bowling


Activity: Monster Truck Painting (Tire Tracks)



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