Little Tree


Little Tree written and illustrated by Loren Long (2015)

Little Tree lived in the woods along side lots of other little trees. His leaves kept him cool in the summer and attracted many new friends. Then his leaves turned beautiful colors. But when all the other little trees let their leaves go, Little Tree held tightly onto his leaves. All of his new friends wondered why he kept his leaves. Little by little, all the other little trees grew new green leaves and grew just a little bit taller and stronger. But Little Tree still held tightly to his leaves, which had long since turned brown. The seasons passed, and Little Tree stayed little and held his brown leaves while all the other trees grew taller and stronger. Eventually, Little Tree couldn’t hear his friends playing high in the other trees, he couldn’t even feel the sun. Finally, one winter Little Tree noticed how little he was compared to all the other trees in the woods. And he decided it was time to let go. He dropped all his leaves and felt the chill of winter. But in time, he grew more leaves, and he felt himself grow taller and stronger. Before he knew it, Little Tree wasn’t little anymore.


This book is best read in lap of someone you love…  for it might be them it’s written for. Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners… mothers, fathers, grandparents… this book is for YOU!

Make some little tree art with your little ones! Choose a medium and style that best suits your tastes and age.

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