Lizzie and the Last Day of School


Lizzie and the Last Day of School written by Trinka Hakes Noble and illustrated by Kris Aro McLeod (2015)

Lizzie loved school. She loved everything about preschool and kindergarten and first grade. Lizzie’s teacher, Miss G loved school too. First grade was fabulous. Lizzie learned a lot and couldn’t wait to go to school every day. Then something terrible happened… it was the last day of school. While all the other kids were happy and excited, Lizzie was sad. She was so sad she left without hugging Miss G. When Lizzie walked back to school to see Miss G, she passed the custodian lounging in a chair and the teachers having a party. It seemed everyone was happy about the last day of school, everyone that is except Miss G. Miss G was not at the party, she was in her classroom feeling sorry about the last day of school. Lizzie went in to give her a hug. Just then, Miss G got a letter from the parks department… she was going to teach summer school! Miss G told Lizzie all about summer school and said she could come too. Now Lizzie could go home happy again, because she really really really liked school!


One of Lizzie’s problems was that she misunderstood the concept of going to school for a whole year. No one had explained summer vacation to her. So when school closed for the summer, Lizzie felt cheated. Everyone had said that she would be in first grade for a whole year. Thankfully, she had a teacher who loved school as much as she did and wanted to teach summer school as well!

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