Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa


Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney (2015)

When Llama Llama goes to Gram and Grandpa’s house for his first ever overnight stay he is so excited that he forgets Fuzzy in the back seat of the car. He has fun visiting but at bedtime he has a meltdown. Grandpa has the solution… a little stuffed llama in blue striped pajamas that he slept with since he was a boy. Now Llama Llama can sleep tight in his home away from home.


Fans of Llama Llama will love this newest addition to the series. It follows the same Llama Llama rhyme and pattern and the simple Llama Llama theme of innocence.

Is your little one ready for their first sleep over? Make sure they have everything they need to make the night a peaceful one for everyone involved!

Look at this cute llama with yarn hair on the letter L. cdd54993ec1ae37ad39b6492e645f6e0

And think of some creative ways to share your love with your grandparents.ba833ec5499e2fcc6bf81e5a7f7ce915 d81a8aeed2b3cf9c03ec373f4ace3f81 48427d09df1f6e682a32932d16435e04

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