Look! written and illustrated by Jeff Mack (2015)

The boy watches television. The gorilla tries to convince him to look at a book instead. He tries showing him the book. The gorilla wears a book on his head, balances the book on his nose, and even balances himself on three books. But nothing works. The boy demands that the gorilla leave the house because he is disturbing his television watching. The boy goes back to watching his television. The gorilla goes back to distracting the boy. He balances himself on a tricycle while juggling three books. The boy ignores him until the gorilla crashes into his TV set and breaks it. The gorilla is banned from the house and the boy finally picks up a book. As the gorilla slowly comes back into the picture, the boy excitedly shows him a picture in the book of a boy and a gorilla in the jungle. Now they both look at books until they fall asleep.

I love this two word book! It reminds me of the Cat in the Hat in many ways. First, there are only two words in the whole book, LOOK and OUT. How clever is that! The story lines are very similar. The gorilla in this story tries to convince the boy to do something by balancing things on his head and juggling, much like the cat tried to convince his new friends that they could have fun on a rainy day by hopping on a ball and juggling things (including a book) while balancing things on his head. And like the cat, the gorilla ends up breaking something in the house. The kids in both books ask the main character to leave. The cat returns to clean up his mess and the gorilla returns to see what the boy is reading. But unlike The Cat in the Hat, the boy and the gorilla agree on one thing in the end and the gorilla stays with the boy instead of leaving for good.


I do believe this new twist on an old tale will become a favorite of many a toddler and their families! I’ll be doing my best to make that so in my family!

After you LOOK! enjoy a little gorilla fun with your toddler. Play a game of ‘I Spy’. What can you see when you look around?



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