Lost. Found.


Lost. Found. written by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by Matthew Cordell (2015)

Lovely new story with only two words. The story is told through the illustrations and the lost/found pattern even the youngest readers can pick up on quickly. Bear has a long red scarf which he loses in the woods. It is found by two raccoons who end up losing it over a game of tug of war. The scarf is then found by a series of forest animals who end up losing it. When the wind eventually blows the scarf into the middle of the meadow all of the animals fight over it and tear it to shreds. With nothing but red yarn left, the animals gather it all up and sit in a circle as the bear knits a new scarf, longer and thinner than the first so that everyone can share it while sitting around a campfire.


Kids and parents will fall in love with Bear and his new friends. Learning to share  is so much better than fighting and tearing apart. The art work gives so much for you to feast your eyes on. The details are in the drawings. I would love to hear a little one tell a story using the pictures. Storytelling and vocabulary building are so important to reading development. This is the perfect book to engage a child’s own story.

Do you have older kids who would like to learn how to knit? Try one of these methods.


Finger Knitting 


Toilet Paper Roll Knitting (featuring Lost. Found.)


Knitting with Straws 


Teaching Kids to Knit 

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