Mind Your Monsters


Mind Your Monsters written by Catherine Bailey and illustrated by Oriol Vidal (2015)

Wally’s life was pretty ordinary until his town was invaded by monsters. The monsters terrorized the citizens. And they were loud and smelled bad. Wally tried ignoring them, talking to them, and tricking them, but nothing worked. Eventually, the townspeople voted to move away, but the monsters blocked their way and wouldn’t let them leave. Then Wally tried something new, he said ‘please’. The monsters did everything Wally asked when he used the word ‘please’. Soon everyone used the magic word and they didn’t have to leave town. The people and the monsters got along just fine until the monsters got homesick and decided to return to their own homes. Everyone said good-bye and the monsters promised to come back and visit soon.


‘Mind your monsters’ is a great play on ‘mind your manners’. Kids will love learning the secret to getting the monsters to leave town. It might even encourage them to use the magic word themselves. And when they do, you might want to reward them with some super special Monster CookiesGooey-Monster-Cookies-Recipe-on-lilluna.com-ADORABLE-480x671Make some funny Monster Tubes…
eab8a3b578276d66b6051611552b2c93or Monster Party Hats.66c6914fb1aba05a423b14e90a174276 For more fun, make some felt monster body parts for some creative mix and match monster creations.8c75975005e75efb2948137c67dd38bb

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