Madame Martine Breaks the Rules


Madame Martine Breaks the Rules written and illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen (2015)

Madame Martine and her dog Max go on a different adventure every Saturday. Their friend Louis, a guard at the Louvre Museum in Paris, invites them to visit him there, but Madame Martine refuses because they do not allow dogs in the museum. Then one Saturday, Max gets loose and runs toward the museum. Louis and Madame Martine chase him. They catch him inside the museum, Madame Martine wants to leave before they get caught too, but Louis insists that they must first see some of the fine artwork before they leave. As it turns out, they are stopped by another guard who says that they could bend the rules for a friend of Louis’. Madame Martine is still shaken and insists that they go somewhere dogs are allowed. The next weekend, they all go on a hot air balloon ride over the countryside.


Max is a tiny dog, one you might see in a grocery store or at the post office. But why do you think dogs are not allowed in some public places? What kind of damage might a dog, even a little one like Max, do in a museum? This story is the perfect opportunity to discuss the reasons for many rules in our society.

Look up some famous pieces of art that can only be found in museums around the world. Can you reproduce your own artwork based on the masters?

Andy Worhol228c22695acd383df7a1b05a29d9f1f0

Pablo Picasso80574edf9516f1ff817f1ed3b7d38ec6

Wassily Kandinsky3a4350e0d1a954d8fe5cecc67c187cf4Jackson Pollock9d65122815c3d6d380a0ac3b507b74cc

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