M – Mae and the Moon


Mae and the Moon written and illustrated by Jami Gigot (2015)

Mae loved the moon. She liked to play hide and seek with the moon. She made moon shadows. And she laid on the grass and looked up at the moon in wonder. Then one night, Mae looked outside and couldn’t find the moon. The next day she made a plan. Mae built a rocket ship. She worked so hard that she didn’t realize that the moon had come back. She was so happy, she smiled at the moon… and the moon smiled back.


Sweet and quiet story about an unusual friendship. Mae is imaginative and resourceful. Younger children may not notice the changing phases of the moon in the illustrations, but once it is pointed out, they will enjoy going back and looking for the moon on each page.

Take some time to learn a little bit about the phases of the moon with these fun activities.

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