Maple and Willow Apart


Maple and Willow Apart written and illustrated by Lori Nichols (2015)

Maple and Willow enjoyed playing together. Then one day Maple went to school and Willow was lonely. Maple came home and talked and talked and talked about school. Willow was lonelier and sadder too. So Willow had to make a new friend. She made a friend named Pip who lived in an oak tree. Pip was afraid of squirrels. Willow and Pip had so much fun, she wasn’t sad or lonely anymore. Maple wished she had a friend like Pip too. So Willow let Maple take Pip to school with her in her pocket. After all Pip had lots of cousins!


Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. Having a special friend makes it a little easier. Maybe your child needs a special friend in his/her pocket too. It could be anything… an acorn, a pebble, a twig. Help your child get ready for school with a special friend from your yard or park. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking.

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