Max the Brave


Max the Brave written and illustrated by Ed Vere (2015)

Max is a fearless cat. He is going to chase mice as soon as he finds out what a mouse looks like. He asks the fly, fish, birds, and bunny. When he asks a mouse, the mouse tells him that he is a monster not a mouse. Max takes the monster’s advice and looks around the corner for mouse. He finds something huge with sharp teeth which he thinks is a mouse. He wakes it, but it swallows him and sneezes him out. Max decides he doesn’t need to chase mice to be brave. He decides to chase monsters instead!


 Mixed identities lead to his confusion, but Max ends up being a brave mouse-chasing cat after all. I wonder what other funny mix-ups might render good results. Wouldn’t cherries make a great apple pie? Or a basketball make a passable 4-square ball? But some mix-ups would be disastrous…

Here are some things your kiddos may enjoy mixing-up.

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