M – Maya’s Blanket


10620309_925448600844079_717504824190925393_oMaya’s blanket: La Manta de Maya written by Monica Brown and illustrated by David Diaz (2015)

Maya had a magical blanket which her abuelita (grandmother) made for her when she was a baby. When it became too frayed to use, she made the blanket into a dress, then a skirt, then a shawl, then a scarf, then a hair ribbon, then a bookmark… but then she lost it. So Maya did the next best thing, she made a story about her magical blanket. And when Maya grew up she shared her story with her own daughter who slept under her own magical blanket.


This common tale of turning a loved object into something else, and then something else, and then something else is retold here in a beautiful setting with a spanish flavor. Not only are there spanish words mixed into the text of the story, there is also a spanish translation of the complete text on each page spread.

Abuelita made Maya’s blanket and helped her make all of the other things from the blanket. Who else is in Maya’s family? Who is in your family? Learn some spanish names for the people in your familia. 5995f073a5d0d9ac37bbcffb71b3dae1

Learn more spanish words with these charts. b3d7e704566a2aa88edb49f5bfca3173 a4b842d93ef4da77f6b0803805bce42e 271dc900154665496612ead4badda79c

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