M – Moletown


Moletown written and illustrated by Torben Kuhlmann (2015)

This almost wordless picture book tells the story of a mole who lived all alone in a lush green meadow. Then one day, a long time ago, other moles began to move into the meadow. They dug and excavated tunnels and towns and big cities. They built homes and stores, roadways and subways. They dug deep deep into the earth removing soil and worms and insects. Soon the meadow was covered in molehills and eventually the meadow disappeared altogether. The sky had turned dark and polluted and the ground was barren… except for the one small patch of grass where the original mole still lived all alone.



This is a story similar in theme to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. One major difference is in the endpapers. The front sheets show the growth of Moletown from its founding to the present. The end sheets show the future of Moletown after the ‘Agreement of Green’, the protesting Mole to save the trees, the replanting of the meadow, and the use of wind turbines.

Mole Push Up Pops


Mole Cookie in Chocolate Pudding and Crushed Chocolate Graham Crackers

Put yourself in Mole’s Home94e23b0d169efc36c6c837601c34545d



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