Monster Trouble!


Monster Trouble! written by Lane Fredrickson and illustrated by Michael Robertson (2015)

Winifred Schnitzel wasn’t afraid of anything… even monsters. In fact she thinks they’re cute. The problem is the monsters come to visit every night after bedtime and Winifred isn’t getting enough sleep. The day she fell asleep during ballet class, Winifred decided something had to be done. She got a book called Monsters Beware! and built every monster trap in the book. She even made up one of her own. But the monsters didn’t care. They kept coming and disturbing her sleep.  One night she was so sleepy, she fell asleep before the monsters arrived. She was dreaming of puppies when one big monster came to side of her bed and hissed. Winifred sleepily reached up and kissed the monster. Arrghh! That’s the one thing monsters hate! So Winifred got out of bed and kissed each and every one of them until the ran screaming from her room. Now that she knows the secret, Winifred can get a good night’s sleep.


Who would have thought that kissing is actually the best way to get rid of monsters? Cool! So next time your little one is afraid to go to sleep let him/her practice kissing until all the monsters are gone.

Sleep tight, little one!


Try a monastery sweet chocolate kiss cookie.

Or one with coconut3814e1bbeeb16bafd2db56573e4c7e0a

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