Monty’s Magnificent Mane


Monty’s Magnificent Mane written and illustrated by Gemma O’Neill (2015)

The king of the jungle loves his magnificent mane. His friends the meerkats love it too. And Monty allows them to play in his mane until it becomes dirty and tangled. He stomps away from them to the watering hole, not even listening to their warning.  At the watering hole, Monty admires his reflection. So does another creature. He compliments Monty’s magnificent mane, enticing him to come closer and closer… until SNAP! The huge crocodile gets a mouthful as Monty escapes for his life. The crocodile follows him home and Monty realizes that he has led the crocodile right to his friends the meerkats. He knows that he must protect his little friends. ROAR! Monty scares the crocodile back to the watering hole and spends the rest of the day playing with his friends.


This book was actually first published in Europe in 2014, but didn’t make the American market until 2015… just in time for March. In Like a Lion-Out Like a Lamb! Enjoy Monty’s Magnificent Mane this month and all year long.

Use a plastic fork dipped in orange paint to print your own magnificent mane on your lion’s head.

This magnificent pancake and fruit meal may be too adorable to eat!
679948dca045b61d45b5b4319a2720ceA little face paint can turn your little reader into a magnificent lion!


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