Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School


Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School written by Simon Puttock and illustrated by Ali Pye (2015)

Mouse is shy on the first night of school so he arrives early and hides behind the curtain. When Miss Moon takes attendance she cannot find Mouse. She calls for him and he quietly steps out. Everyone compliments him on being so good at hiding. Miss Moon says they can all play hide and seek before their midnight snack. Miss Moon finds everyone else except Mouse so she has to call him out again. Then they all have a midnight snack. Mouse has so much fun that he forgets about being shy and he never hides from his friends again, unless they are playing hide and seek!


Is your child shy about beginning school? This story will help him/her understand shyness a little bit more. It’s also a great jumping point for you to talk about special skills everyone has and can share with others.

Play a game of hide and seek today. Make it even more fun by giving each person a complement every time you find someone.

Make a heart shaped Mouse for another twist on hide and seek. Hide the mouse and when your child finds it, be sure to tell him/her why you love him. Great confidence builder to play all year!


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