Mousetropolis written and illustrated by R. Gregory Christie (2015)

City Mouse decides to visit his cousin in the country but is disappointed with the choice of foods, music, and the owl living in the tree. Spying a train, City Mouse takes his cousin back to the city with him. However, Country Mouse doesn’t like the noise, the constant activity, and the alley cat. Country Mouse finds his way back home and City Mouse is happy to stay in his own home too.


Children who are familiar with Aesop’s fable of The City Mouse and The Country Mouse, will enjoy this pared down story. The artwork is beautiful and tells more about how the mice feel in each habitat than the text does. Visual learners will love exploring each page for more details.

Compare and Contrast the Two Mice.0fea45af8fd79d1b65e1d6fd5742de4b

Compare and Contrast the Two Settings.eb8c58370a2a82e6cb5360a2ebe43bec

Nibble on a little Mouse Cheese. 49b38f41f8ec8841358086bbda56928a

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