Mummy Cat


Mummy Cat written by Marcus Ewert and illustrated by Lisa Brown (2015)

Mummy Cat wakes up every hundred years looking for his mistress, the girl queen, Hat-shup-set. He wanders the old, dark, hall of the tomb. He looks upon the murals painted for the girl queen and sees that he is in every one. He remembers the details of each event. He recalls how the scorpion stung both he and her, striking them both dead. At the end of the hall, he goes through a door into another room. Here he investigates the artifacts of his past. He sees the toys and lovely things that had belonged to his girl queen. And then he approaches her coffin, painted and inlaid with gold. He wonders if she will ever return. He lays down to wait for her as he has done for three thousand years. But this night is different, this night he is rejoined with her once more.


Queen Hat-shup-set was a real Egyptian queen; however, she did not die as a young girl. She was a powerful ruler. This story uses her name as a tribute to her life.  You can learn more fun facts about mummies, cats, and hieroglyphs at the end of this story.

And to further your fun with mummies try one of these activities…

Turn grapes into raisins81f1a8f150b09693254927d7fa9565b7

Or try mummification with a hot dog with baking soda. 6d6b9d4938629cc53cf765b02c893453

Have fun making a Bendable MummyWouldn’t it be fun to make a cat mummy? 0de8ba1bda09db86290d87d48917a04d

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