Mustache Baby Meets His Match


Mustache Baby Meets His Match written by Bridget Heos and illustrated by Joy Ang (2015)

Billy meets the new kid in the neighborhood, Javier. Billy had hoped that Javier would become his sidekick, Javier had different ideas. Each baby tried to outdo the other in every way. Billy’s mustache and Javier’s beard grew and changed as the toddlers behaved more and more villainous. Ultimately the boys were sent in separate corners of the room for a time out. As they calmed down, so did their facial hair, until finally the boys met in the middle for a compromise. Now the Mustache Baby and the Beard Baby are not rivals, but partners…sometimes partners in crime.


This hair-raising competition between the babies is loads of fun for preschoolers and adults alike.

Adults will love the play on words and the kiddos will be enthralled with the playful illustrations of preschool naughtiness.

Make your own mustache.

This site has 5 Easy Ways to Make a Mustache. My favorite is the one shown with yarn and a pipe cleaner. 698239126e8c2a72ef24f893f2cb669bOr you could make paper mustaches to fit over bendable straws or lollipops.



And as for beards, there’s lots out there if you want to be a pirate, leprechaun, Viking, or Santa. Here’s one you can make for Beard Baby that doesn’t take a lot of knitting or sewing skill like so many others I found.

Felt Beards on elastic rope.


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