My Bike


My Bike written and illustrated by Byron Barton (2015)

Tom rides his bike to work. He rides through the city past buses, cars, and lots of people. Then he rides past monkeys, acrobats, and elephants. When Tom gets to work, he puts on his uniform and rides his unicycle. Tom is a clown!


Let’s talk about clowns… funny or scary? Most people fall into one of the two camps. If you are planning a trip to the circus, it’s time to prepare your child for the experience. Do some face painting at home. Dress up in funny clothes. Juggle scarfs if you want. Think about how clowns communicate… mime, horns, bells etc. and have some fun with it.

halloween-facepaint-clownHave even more fun by adding some clown accessories.8770f411ac3bae427dbdbb92ceabe3bb 1f38778cb56f37eb714157235eae9442 37fc557145942dd15d749e0ec246ab8aDesign your own clown faces.246e42f2acde8afee72824eb125f155c

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