My Rules For Being a Pretty Princess


My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess written and illustrated by Heath McKenzie (2015)

This little girl thinks she wants to be a pretty princess more than anything in the world… until she finds out how boring it is! You must wear uncomfortable dresses, never eat the food at a tea party, be graceful, never get dirty, and wait for a princess. No way! This little girl takes out her crayons and makes her own rules. Dress fabulously! Eat delicious foods! Dance! And never wait for a prince!!!


Modern day princesses will love this new twist on how to be whatever you want to be! Take advice from this princess… Dress up, have a party, and most of all be yourself!

Have Fun! The idea here is it’s okay to be less than perfect…

shape-castle-edited- shape-princess-craft-for-kids-2 img_8938

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