M – The Most Wonderful Thing in the World


The Most Wonderful Thing in the World written by Vivian French and illustrated by Angela Barrett (2015)

The king and queen of a beautiful land had one daughter whom they loved more than anything else in the world. In fact, they loved her so much that they kept her within the walls of the palace and never let her out of their sight. Then one day they realized that she would need to marry someone so that she could become queen and rule the land someday. So they sent a message out to Old Angelo asking for his help. Angelo sent his grandson to deliver a message: Find a suitor who can show you the most wonderful thing you have ever seen. He will make a suitable husband for your daughter. The king and queen began receiving suitors at the palace. They were so busy turning down suitors that they didn’t realize that their daughter was going out every day with Angelo’s grandson who had fallen in love with her. When they had finally given up on finding a suitor for the princess, they finally noticed that the princess was not in her rooms. Someone had seen her leave with Angelo’s grandson, so the king and queen went to Angelo’s home to find her. There, Angelo’s grandson showed them the most wonderful thing in the world… their daughter. Soon the princess was married to Angelo’s grandson and they ruled the land. The people loved them so much that they erected a statue in the middle of the city of the royal couple and their child. The statue was inscribed with the words: The Most Wonderful Thing in the World.


This is a beautiful modern fairy tale and will be loved by those who love fairy tales. It will make a lovely addition to your fairy tale collection.

Of course, it would make the perfect gift for someone celebrating a fairy tale birthday, wedding, or baby shower.

Be sure to crown your princess!

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