Night Owl


Night Owl written and illustrated by Toni Yuly (2015)

I discussed the perfect bedtime PACING of this story as part of a writing challenge.

Night Owl likes to stay up late. He happily starts his night saying good-bye to the sun and hello to the moon. But when he turns around and Mommy Owl is no where to be found, Night Owl goes looking for her. He uses his ears to listen for her sound. He hears a woodpecker, a train, a cricket, and a toad, but not Mommy Owl. What he hears next worries him. It’s the sky. A storm is brewing. So Night Owl goes home to his nest and tells himself that he is brave. Just then, he hears the nicest sound in the world…. Hoot! Mommy Owl returns and Night Owl is able to go to sleep under the protection of her wing.


There are tons of owl crafts out there. But I’ve purposefully limited my selection to those that are easy for little ones to enjoy. After all, this book is written specifically for the preschooler in your life.


O is for Owl

DSC_0551 copy-cs3-blog-2

Owl Lunch


Day and Night

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